Fuzzy Application Library/Technical Applications

This section contains a large number of papers describing real world applications of fuzzy logic. Click on the respective items in the treeview to your left to access the individual papers directly.

Download More Application Examples

Notice that the free demonstration version of fuzzyTECH that you can download from this web site contains a number of simulations and examples of fuzzy logic applications, too. Once you installed fuzzyTECH on your PC, use the [Start] button to access the Technical Simulation examples (Start/Programs/fuzzyTECH/Examples/Technical Simulations/...). The ../Container Crane simulation is a good introductory example into fuzzy logic control. Once you started the simulation, click on the [Help] button for a full tutorial. The ../Steam Generation Drum simulation uses a stand-alone runtime module of fuzzyTECH and can thus run without fuzzyTECH. Use the Monitor/Online debug modes to access the running controller remotely from fuzzyTECH. As an application example, this simulation demonstrates that the complex multi-variable start-up procedure of a steam generation drum can well be controlled by a fuzzy logic supervisory control system. Click on [Help] in the simulation window for a full tutorial.