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INFORM GmbH was founded in 1969 by Professor Zimmermann, one of the world's most reputable researchers in the area of fuzzy logic. For more than a decade, INFORM has used fuzzy logic in turn-key intelligent control systems. To support these in-house applications, fuzzyTECH was developed as an internal productivity tool in 1987. In 1990, fuzzyTECH was introduced to the European and Asian markets. In 1993, INFORM's U.S. subsidiary, Inform Software Corporation, introduced fuzzyTECH to the U.S. market. Check out our fuzzyTECH in the Press page to read about how editors have reviewed fuzzyTECH.

inform corporate headquarters INFORM Corporate Headquarters

To optimally support embedded applications, INFORM has teamed up with leading semiconductor manufacturers and developed the fuzzyTECH MCU Editions. These specialized editions enable standard microcontrollers to run fuzzy logic systems. The code space efficiency and computational speed of the fuzzyTECH MCU Editions' code generators allow you to enhance most embedded system designs with fuzzy logic. Partners of INFORM include: Intel, Texas Instruments, Arizona Microchip, Motorola, National Semiconductor, SGS-Thomson, and Siemens HL.

In the area of industrial automation, INFORM has developed the fuzzyTECH Online Edition with its partners. This innovative engineering software features complete visualization and optimization of a running fuzzy logic system "on-the-fly" - an industry first. Partners of INFORM include: Foxboro, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Bosch, Hartmann&Braun, and Klockner-Moeller.

In close cooperation with international research institutes, INFORM maintains fuzzyTECH at the leading edge of fuzzy technologies.

Besides development and marketing of fuzzyTECH design tools, INFORM is the world's largest supplier of fuzzy logic consulting services. European clients are supported from INFORM's home office in Aachen, Germany; U.S. clients are supported by Inform Software Corp., Oak Brook, Illinois; and Asian clients are supported by Inform/TOYO out of Tokyo. In addition to its offices, INFORM has teamed up with more than 30 distributors and value added resellers around the world to provide you with even closer support. Please call us for the distributor nearest to you.

L. Zadeh, A. Mamdani, C. v. Altrock, H. Zimmermann INFORM's Seminars and Workshops Have Featured World Leading Experts (Lotfi Zadeh, Abe Mamdani, Constantin von Altrock, Hans Zimmermann)

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