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Fuzzy Logic Seminars and Workshops

This section presents a number of MS PowerPoint 97 presentations that you can use to teach yourself or others about fuzzy logic and its applications. You can set your Internet browser to either open the files directly or to store them on disk first. All presentations have been optimized for a display resolution of 1024x768 with 256+ colors. A higher or lower display resolution may result in quality loss. You may use the presentations for academic and professional purposes if you follow these rules:

  1. Always cite the reference of the presentations that is, you must name and identify Inform Software Corp. as the author of these presentations and you must give the audience the information where these presentations can be found.
  2. You may not alter any of the slides. The presentations may be shown only partially, but no slide may be modified in any way. You may use the presentations as part of other presentations if there is no conflict with Inform's interests.

Please respect all copyrights when you use the material for your work. If you are not sure if and how you can use the material, please contact INFORM.

Title Abstract
Industrial Application of Fuzzy Logic Control: First Part -- Fuzzy Logic Primer
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The first part of our introductory seminar on fuzzy logic control. The examples primarily use control type case studies, but it also covers fuzzy logic system design for all types of applications. We spend between one and four hours to show this presentation, depending on how detailed we get.
Industrial Application of Fuzzy Logic Control: Second Part -- Fuzzy Logic Development Methodology
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Second part of our introductory seminar on fuzzy logic control. We focus on actual implementation issues and show the complete development methodology of fuzzy logic system design, according to existing and forthcoming ISO/IEC standards. We spend between two and six hours to show this presentation, depending on how detailed we get.
Introduction to NeuroFuzzy Technologies
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To enhance fuzzy logic systems with learning capabilities, you can integrate neural net technologies. The combination of fuzzy logic and neural net technology is called "NeuroFuzzy" and combines the advantages of the two technologies. The first part of this presentation introduces the basic principles of neural nets and their training methods. The second part shows the combination of neural nets with fuzzy logic.
INFORM Software Corporation -- Company Overview
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Quick introduction of INFORM Software Corporation, as well as its products and services. Also, see the INFORM Company Background page.
Motorola Introduces the World's First Standard Microcontroller with a Fuzzy Logic Instruction Set
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In August 1996, Motorola introduced the 68HC12 family of microcontrollers. The HC12 has been developed as the successor of the HC11, one of the most widely used microcontrollers around the world. As an industry's first, the HC12 contains a complete fuzzy logic instruction set that is supported by the fuzzyTECH MCU-HC12 Edition, a complete software development package for the HC12 jointly developed by Motorola and INFORM Software Corp. See also the engineering application paper Demonstration Model fuzzyTECH Implementation on Motorola 68HC12 MCU.
Integration of Fuzzy Logic in Industrial Automation Systems
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This presentation shows how stand-alone fuzzyTECH Runtime Modules can be used with Standard Process Control Software, such as InTouch™, WinCC™, DeltaV™, FIX™, InControl™, LabVIEW™, BridgeVIEW™, Genesis™, or FactoryLink™. See also the Technical Note Section.
Fuzzy Logic in Traffic Control
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Over the past years, Inform has implemented a large number of different fuzzy logic applications in the area of traffic control. The applications comprise: signal analysis at induction sensors, field equipment supervision, incident detection / traffic flow analysis, weather condition detection, and intelligent speed limit control. See also the engineering application paper Data Analysis of Environmental Data for Traffic Control.