Download fuzzyTECH

From this section you may install fuzzyTECH as well as documentation and related information. If you don't have a license, or if your license is not valid for this release, fuzzyTECH will run in demo mode only. In this case saving of files and code generation is disabled.

Name Date Size (Bytes) SHA-1 Operating Systems Installation Key Installation Password
fuzzyTECH-8.72c-Setup.exe 2019-11-26 33.855.550 e5be0d531344fb7d77640a13dfcd00b91170f833 Windows 10 (64-Bit)
fuzzyTECH-8.62f-Setup.exe 2019-09-03 34.008.339 63dc135f8c39956dd6fd9180e9527a46f808906f Windows 7 (64-Bit) and later
fuzzyTECH-8.40b-Setup.exe 2017-04-03 33.599.824 eca08daea6f8b49f8b5f46d7447f62ed867a00ba
fuzzyTECH-8.30c-Setup.exe 2016-09-30 34.480.824 26c606ddc3eb4dc36af3c8a777c8e39c3b063ca1
fuzzyTECH-8.21c-Setup.exe 2016-09-30 34.428.907 0082728c81ccf74fe55b8ac50fd44f7510cdc84e Printed on your delivery note.
Otherwise use DEMO.
fuzzyTECH-7.00g-Setup.exe 2015-09-02 25.820.614 c2cc4167d8e5c87099dfc1329d29356a34bdb9c6 Windows 7 (32-Bit) and later
fuzzyTECH-6.10b-Setup.exe 2015-02-06 21.256.916 47e9e276ce0d3b761b0ec3bed1c1febe90454c2a Printed on your delivery note.
Otherwise use 000000 for technical applications.
Or 123456 for business and finance applications.
fuzzyTECH-5.81d-Setup.exe 2010-09-08 16.640.513 f851c1989b35570430e77f0fad9c37ad04dcf5e3 purple